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We are multidisciplinary, multi-talented organisation in the people to people business spanning worldwide for winning recruitment and business solutions.

We are a leading international recruiter to the Property, Real Estate, Information Technology, Construction, Engineering, Banking, Financial, Accounting, Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Occupation Safety & Health, Security Guards & Personnel, Entertainment and other sectors.

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The work or job that you do does not define who you are, because they help to pay bills and put food on the table.

What counts is your integrity, passion, achievements and what you aspire to be that truly define you.

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We have good relationships with property owners, managers, investors and developers that we could refer to our clients to assist job seekers and our placed candidates so your new employee and their family could focus more on their job and matters at hand, not stressing about finding a roof over their heads, removal, delivery, secured storage, warehousing and any other logistics or special needs.

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